BJCA Newswire –  23rd June 2023

New echo skills days for registrars running national from September – November 2023

The British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) has launched a pilot programme of echo skills days in collaboration with the British Junior Cardiologists Association (BJCA).

The programme aims to alleviate the difficulty some registrars experience in accessing echocardiography training and will facilitate the acquisition of basic skills as well as introductions to echo training leads in their local area.

Taking place over five days from September – November 2023, the programme will initially open to ST4 cardiologists as you begin your training posts, but may be made available to a wider audience should places be available later in the summer.

The skills days will use live models and include basic echo training: how to hold the probe; how to operate the scanners; what measurements to take; basics on report writing etc. Crucially, the faculty leading the days will be the training leads in those regions enabling the registrars to meet the people who will be training them in their centres and therefore removing the obstacle many registrars find of knowing whom to contact within echo departments.

To supplement the learning there will also be online content provided. This will take the format of eLearning modules including MCQs to be completed pre and post the course.

Dates for your diary

  • Friday 22nd September 2023, Newcastle
  • Monday 25th September 2023, Manchester
  • Wednesday 27th September 2023, Bristol
  • Monday 30th October 2023, London South
  • Tuesday 14th November 2023, London North

Click here to register your interest.

Flexible and LTFT Working in Cardiology Resource

A BJCA/BCS working group of LTFT trainees and consultants have produced a new document, which was presented at this months BCS conference. Available here: It is a comprehensive guide for Cardiologists who plan to or currently work LTFT.  It covers the eligibility and application process across the four nations, with guidance for trainees, consultants, trainers, supervisors, assessors and rota coordinators.

We hope you find this to be a useful. For further information email BJCA LTFT rep Will Jenner

Mastering Aortic Disease Management: AortaEd

An exceptional platform spearheaded by The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust, this set of AortaEd resources equips healthcare professionals with a comprehensive understanding of aortic dissection. Spanning a wide range of topics, from recognising symptoms to delivering diagnostic advice, exploring therapeutic interventions, and providing informed prognoses. Content curated by subject matter experts including Graham Cooper, a renowned Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, and Prof Aung Oo, a prominent Consultant Aortic Surgeon, presents engaging, interactive sessions, medical case studies, informative blogs, podcasts and more.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this resource-rich platform

Cardiac Devices – Technology & Troubleshooting – 25th September 2023

Interested in cardiac devices – technology and troubleshooting? This Medtronic-sponsored 1 day virtual course will take place on Mon 25th Sep 2023. It is newly created to specifically help prepare for device accreditation. It will include case studies, questions and answers to consolidate topics relating to pacemaker, ICD and CRT devices. To register, see the attached flyer or e-mail

British Society of Echocardiography workforce report 2023

The BSE has published an independent report, authored by Professor Alison Leary (Chair of Healthcare & Workforce Modelling at London South Bank University), addressing the key issues in the echo workforce as described by the echocardiographers themselves. Importantly, this report makes practical recommendations which can be relatively easily implemented to address the ongoing capacity issues which are concerning us all. It prioritises retention which is essential to us building a sustainable workforce for the short, medium and long term. You will find the report here.

Icentia UK Webinar – Tuesday 27th June 2023, 5pm

Icentia UK are pleased to share that they have secured a date for their next educational webinar with Dr Qureshi, planned for Tuesday 27th June 5pm BST.  Dr Qureshi has lots of examples to show our next audience, and we’d like to invite you to join us if you can.

Click here to register.

Once registered, you will receive a calendar invitation to the Teams call.  This will be recorded and may be shared amongst the wider Cardiology community. Please feel free to share with other healthcare professionals involved in prescribing, referring, or interpreting Ambulatory ECG monitors.

To view previous recorded webinar as a refresher on ambultory ECG interpretation, click here.

Cardiology Fellowships

The BJCA are often provided details of fellowships (both clinical and research) to advertise. We have developed a system for uploading and displaying fellowships (and consultant posts) on the BJCA website:

Current fellowships/jobs the BJCA is aware of can be found here:
To post details of a fellowship/job for the website, go here:

Please circulate to any members of your departments who have fellowship opportunities to advertise.

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