BJCA Newswire – 11th November 2022

BCS Committee Positions for trainee representatives

The BCS are looking for new trainee representatives for the Clinical Standards and Guidelines & Practice committees. These are excellent opportunities to be involved in developing the way that clinical practice of cardiology is undertaken in the UK. Please see the adverts for the Clinical Standards role here and the Guidelines & Practice role here. Applications should come through to BJCA by 17:00 on 25th November 2020 for shortlisting.

BSE Accreditation for LTFT colleagues

The BSE has supported our proposal to extend the personal accreditation logbook duration for LTFT trainees. Any trainees who work LTFT and have completed the accreditation theory exam can apply for this through an extension request process. This covers all types of accreditation and includes physiologists or other trainee colleagues working LTFT who aim to complete an accreditation process. The extension is for 24 months for those working 60% LTFT or less, and for 12 months for those working >60% LTFT. We hope this helps support trainees aspiring to complete an accreditation. For further information see BSE link or contact Will Jenner BJCA LTFT Rep via @BJCA_LTFT on twitter.

Introduction to Coronary Angiogram e-learning module

Invasive coronary angiography is a key diagnostic tool cardiologists should be familiar with. This interactive training module, developed by Dr Singh and Dr Hussain, sets the foundation for interpreting coronary angiography. It outlines:

•    The Key Anatomy of Coronary Arteries
•    Standard Views for Coronary Angiography
•    Right Coronary artery Views
•    Left Coronary artery Views

Certification is provided on completing the post-course quiz, which trainees can add to their portfolios.

Link to the resource on NHS Learning Hub:

Cardiology Fellowships

The BJCA are often provided details of fellowships (both clinical and research) to advertise. We currently put these in the newswire. However, to try and improve this process, we have developed a system for uploading and displaying fellowships (and consultant posts) on the BJCA website:

Current fellowships/jobs the BJCA is aware of can be found here:
To post details of a fellowship/job for the website, go here:

Please circulate to any members of your departments who have fellowship opportunities to advertise.

WIC Page on BJCA Website

We’ve launched a new Women in Cardiology page on There are links to resources, articles and videos with information designed to support trainees, as well as contact details if you want to get in touch with either the BJCA WIC rep (Sarah) or the broader BCS WIC community.

BCS/BCOS/UCLH Cancer Academy Cardio-Oncology Course

This joint BCS, BCOS and UCL Hospitals Cancer Academy course held in person at the Royal College of Physicians in London on 28 November offers updates in contemporary cardio-oncology. The potentially long-lasting transformation of cardio-oncology, haemato-oncology and oncology services due to COVID-19 will also be explored as will the pivotal roles of the CNS and specialist pharmacist in a cardio-oncology service.

Date: Monday 28 November 2022, 09:00 – 17:30
Venue: Royal College of Physicians, London
Book by 21 November

How to practically provide MRI for cardiac device patients

Dates (four evening webinars):
21st November 6pm,
5th December 6pm
12th December 6pm

The goal of this webinar series is so trainees are kept up to date with new guidelines in an area of service growth – ensuring patients with cardiac devices have the same access to cancer, stroke and cardiac care reliant on MRI as everyone else. Imaging and device cardiologists Dr Anish Bhuva and Professor Charlotte Manisty will be leading four one-hour webinars on how to practically provide the service. This includes videos as if you are the scanner side, tips for programming devices and guidelines for MR Unlabelled devices.

Register here: or contact Anish Bhuva  or Education Events, Abbott.

Thanks to Abbott for supporting the free registrations.

BCS/BCOS/UCLH Cancer Academy Cardio-Oncology Course

This joint British Cardiovascular Society, British Cardio-Oncology Society, University College London Hospitals Cancer Academy course will give the attendee an update in contemporary cardio-oncology practice and will cover recent updates in cardio-oncology. The potentially long-lasting transformation of cardio-oncology, haemato-oncology and oncology services due to COVID-19 will also be explored as will the pivotal roles of the CNS and specialist pharmacist in a cardio-oncology service.

Trainee fee: £50
Online registration closes: Midday, Monday 21 November 2022
Programme: View/Download the 2022 Programme
Register online now

The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UCL – SpR Case Study MDT Grand Rounds Meeting

Please mark Friday, 25th November in your diary. This meeting will be in-person and held at The Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UCL.

Following on from earlier meetings, we will debate and discuss MDT case study presentations with registrars from primary and secondary care, specifically in the areas of Cardiology, Nephrology, and Diabetes. The format for this meeting will see Senior Consultants presenting cases, pausing throughout to query the Trainees in the audience for their opinion on next steps and treatment direction.  The aim is to create an interactive and engaging session while disseminating the important MDT aspects. Trainees in both primary and secondary care are also encouraged to submit case studies for their own presentation as an opportunity to further initiate relevant discussions amongst colleagues.

Further details can be seen on the attached flyer including specific times, how to register and how to submit a case study. These links are also repeated below:

To register:
To submit a case study:

13th Advanced Cardiac Imaging Course

Friday 9 December 2022, online and free
A virtual and interactive course covering recent advances in cardiovascular imaging techniques. Topics will particularly cover coronary disease and valvular heart disease.

More information here.

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