Chairs: Jamil Mayet, Andy Chukwuemeka

00:0010:40 – Adaptation to Acute Coronary Syndrome Pathways – Ricardo Petraco

10:4020:27 – Adaptation to Ward Arrangements – Nick Linton

20:2727:12 – Adaptation to Ambulance Services – Chris Baker

27:1231:06 – Adaptation to Clinical Networks and Inter-Hospital Working – Iqbal Malik

31:0639:16 – Special Considerations in the Cardiac Catheter Laboratory – Ghada Mikhail

39:1646:18 – Staffing Special Considerations – David Lefroy and Daniel Keene

46:1851:30 – Maintaining Staff Welfare during the Outbreak – Punam Pabari

51:3059:54 – Making Difficult Clinical Decisions during the Outbreak – Sunthar Kanaganayagam

59:541:02:14 – Adapting Cardiothoracic Surgery Services with COVID-19 – Jon Anderson

1:02:141:05:30 Influencing Public Policy and Fundraising – Rasha Al-Lamee

The Imperial College COVID-19 Cardiovascular Conference live webinar took place on Thursday 2nd April 2020. The aim of this webinar is to share current knowledge and key experiences of managing COVID-19 related Cardiovascular manifestations as well as key issues in team preparedness, prevention and command and control.

Many thanks to Fiona MacDonald, Managing Director at Millbrook Medical Conferences Ltd & Millbrook Medical Logistics Ltf and her team for kindly providing the AV support, editing and allowing us to host their recordings on our site.

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