GIM Training Time Calculator

Given the introduction of the 2022 curricula, there are significant concerns that cardiology trainees will be required to undertake significantly more cardiology training. The new curriculum is based around trainees doing 1 year of GIM training and 4 years of cardiology training. GIM training is expected to be achieved through on-call commitments to the acute unselected take.

The JRCPTB and HEE have no significant plans to prospectively monitor the effects of the new curriculum on training. Instead, they plan to rely on the GMC survey and ARCP outcomes, neither of which are likely to provide the information they will require to accurately and objectively assess the effects of the new curricula.

To prospectively monitor whether cardiology trainees are required to undertake greater time working on GIM, the BJCA has developed a new training time calculator. Trainees can either prospectively or retrospectively input their GIM rotas into the calculator. The calculator will automatically generate a time spent on GIM and email the trainee a certificate which can be uploaded to their ePortfolio.

The more trainees that complete this form, the more information the BJCA the BJCA has.

This calculator has been developed in conjunction with the cardiology SAC and endorsed by this group.

The training calculator along with a further explanatory document is available here: