Less Than Full Time Training in Cardiology (LTFT)

All doctors in training can apply for less than full time training, and the BJCA, BCS, RCP and HEE are all supportive of Cardiology trainees who choose to apply for this. 

Reasons for choosing to work LTFT in the past has typically included domestic commitments, health reasons, or other activities undertaken outside of medicine. From August 2022 for higher specialty trainees, including Cardiology, applications are now also available for those wishing upon personal choice not included in the previous categories.

LTFT in Cardiology Resource Document

In June 2023 a BCS/BJCA working group on LTFT working produced a document to support cardiology trainees and consultants.  We hope you find this useful. All feedback appreciated via CardiologyLTFT@gmail.com for future versions.

Flexible Working in Cardiac Specialities, BJCA / BCS webinar 2020

Testimonials & Considerations

Before applying to work LTFT, it’s important to carefully consider the potential benefits to you (e.g. childcare, work-life balance), and whether they outweigh any potential negative factors (e.g. reduced pay, delay to CCT date). You may want to speak friends and family members, as well as a current LTFT Cardiology trainee.

The BCS Women In Cardiology website has testimonials from trainees and consultants about their experience of working LTFT, with particular reference to how flexible working has supported a work-life balance.  While developed for the WIC community, LTFT training and these testimonials are equally applicable to trainees of all genders.

The 2022 BJCA Handbook

The 2022 BJCA Handbook outlines the Application Process, and training LTFT.  If you are considering applying, the various documents below may help you. Check which category you’re eligible for (see table below), then approach your ES/TPD. Apply using your regional HEE LTFT website.

BJCA Support

Will Jenner (ST5, East of England) is the current BJCA LTFT Trainee Representative and sits on the Cardiology RCP Specialty Advisory Committee. Please get in contact for questions about LTFT training in cardiology @BJCA_LTFT

Useful Resources

HEE Site for LTFT Training, including Category 3, and video guides to the application process, pay, rotas and links to deanery LTFT sites.

BMA site for LTFT Training.

Less than full-time training in Cardiology, Heart, 2019.

Gold Guide, 9th Ed 2022, page 39 for LTFT working.