BJCA Annual Regional Reports

It is apparent that training quality varies substantially between regions. For over 15 years the BJCA has undertaken an annual survey of cardiology trainees. To ensure that this data is used effectively to drive improvements in training, the BJCA started producing regional reports in 2021. These detail key attributes of training in each of the UK cardiology training regions.

Attributes include both procedural opportunities and training environment (e.g. bullying, burnout). Regions are given an overall rank out of 22 (1 is best and 22 is worst) as well as ranks for procedural training and training environment. The report for each region is available below. In addition, reports from previous years can be found by clicking on the link to the relevant year.

2022 Reports

Scotland, S.East



Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Northern Ireland

Scotland, North West



Thames Valley

North West

East Midlands, South

West Yorkshire



West Midlands

East of England

East Midlands, North

London, N.East & Central

London, N.West

London, South Thames

South Yorkshire

N.Yorkshire & East Coast