Meet The Council

Dr Abhishek Joshi
Dr Chris Allen

Committee Representation

Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia (Thames North East)
Digital and Communications Lead

Dr Sarah Birkhoelzer (Wessex)
Womens’ and Flexible Training Representative

Dr Abhishek Joshi (Thames North East)
Council of British Cardiovascular Society

Dr Chris Allen (Thames South)
Dr Jude Tweedie (Northern Ireland)
Dr Hannah Sinclair (Wessex)
SAC Committee

Dr Chris Allen (Thames South)

Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia (Thames North East)

Dr Balrik Kailey (Thames North West)

BJCA Education Committee

Dr Abhishek Joshi (Thames North East)
Dr Chris Allen (Thames South)
Dr Jude Tweedie (Northern Ireland)
Dr Hannah Sinclair (Wessex)
BSC Training Committee

Dr Rafail Kotronias (Oxford)
Chair of BJCA Starter Member Committee

Dr Abhishek Joshi (Thames North East)
BMA Trainee Working Group

Dr Chris Allen  (Thames South)
BJCA Survey Coordinator

Dr Andrew Chapman (Scotland South & South East)
RCPE Trainee Representative

BCS Affiliated Societies/Associated Groups Representation

The BJCA core committee is formed by representatives from each deanery. Each regional representative maintains a database of local trainees.

To ensure that you receive mailshots regarding pertinent training issues please ensure that your contact details are forwarded to your deanery representative (if you do not have their email address, please contact us).

Dr Tiffany Patterson (Thames North West)
BCIS Representative

Dr Nikhil Ahluwalia (Thames North West)
Heather Edwards (Wales)
BHRS Representative

Dr Chris Allen (Thames South)
BHVS Representative

Dr Paul Scully (Thames South)
BNCS Representative

Dr Reza Aghamohammadzadeh (North West)
BACPR Representative

Dr Alastair Moss (Wessex)
BSCI/BSCCT Representative

BSCMR Representative

Dr Rebecca Chamley (Oxford)
BSE Representative

Dr Sanjay Bhandari (East Midlands South)
BSH Trainee Observer

Dr Lynne Millar (Thames Valley North East)
AICC (Association for Inherited Cardiac Conditions) Trainee Representative

Deanery Representatives

Meet The Starter Committee

Yang Cheng
Rafail Kotronias
Monia Yazdani
James Bradley-Watson
Emily Yeung
Vitaliy Androshchuk
Jack Samways
Holli Evans
Nicholas Black