CALL FOR INTEREST: BJCA Starter Committee 2021-2022

Since its establishment in 2016, the BJCA Starter Committee has delivered a sold-out annual conference (Taster Day in Cardiology), launched three annual trainee prizes and remained committed to supporting pre-cardiology trainees in their training. To help us continue this important work, particularly in view of the introduction of shape of training reforms and their uncertain impact on cardiology recruitment, we are seeking applicants for the 2021-22 committee.

Applications should be emailed to using the subject line ‘BJCA Starter Committee 2021 Application’ with a Word document attached containing the following:

  • Position(s) applied for
  • Personal statement (200 words maximum), stating your reasons for applying and what you will bring to the particular role. Applications from individuals for multiple roles should have a unique statement for each role applied for
  • A CV (maximum 2 x pages of portrait A4, with font no smaller than size 10)

The deadline for applications is 17:00, 01/06/2021.


  • Be a junior doctor training in the UK without a cardiology NTN (exceptions may be found)
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in cardiology
  • Be a member of the BJCA (typically as a starter member) – membership can be gained at the point of application

Duration of the committee

The committee term will run from May 2021-May 2023 (two years), inclusive of a month handover to the succeeding committee.

Descriptions of Positions


Ultimately responsible for the overall direction of the committee. The President serves as the link between the Starter Committee and the BJCA Council leadership group to ensure the two groups work closely together with aligned goals. Extensive leadership experience is required. Previous work within the BJCA starter committee is preferred.


Chief coordinator of the day-to-day running of the committee and regular contributor to the BJCA leadership group. The Secretary liaises with other committee members, ensuring tasks are completed and problems are flagged and resolved appropriately. Leadership experience is required. Previous work with the BJCA starter committee is preferred. A consistent commitment of between 1-3 hours a week, with an increment at the lead-up to events. Overseeing financial transactions and liaison with the BJCA council regarding funding is included in this role.

Communications & Social Media Officer

This position consists of maintaining the BJCA Starter Committee’s social media accounts, leading on a monthly BJCA Newsletter for email distribution and any other means of advertising/communication.

Social media is the most popular platform for communication between the committee and the membership. Tweets are seen to have an educational value; hence the content of tweets should include latest cardiovascular research updates, as well as discussing trending topics with the wider cardiology community.

The C&SMO will work closely with their counterpart from the BJCA Council, providing opportunities for mentorship and education. The C&SMO updates and manages the address book of foundation and core training programme directors around the UK and contacts them to promote events. The C&SMO contributes to the design the distribution of advertisement and programmes for the annual ‘Taster Day in Cardiology’. Familiarity with multiple social media platforms is a prerequisite. An understanding of online marketing and communication is preferred.

Events Officer – 2 positions; 1) Lead for 2021 2) Assistant 2021, progressing to Lead 2022

The role centres around organising the BJCA Annual Starter Conference ‘Taster Day in Cardiology’. This is the flagshipBJCA event to advertise the specialty of cardiology and engage with junior doctors considering their respective career paths. Specific jobs include: planning the conference programme (informed by previous event’s feedback), securing a venue/online platform, arranging catering, hiring specialist simulation equipment, processing delegate registrations, coordinating faculty and volunteers and finally leading the running of the day itself. This role involves working closely with various members of the committee in order to source funding, plan competition winners’ presentations, circulate advertising and provide training and education information. A time commitment of 1 hour per week for most of the year, which increases to 5 hours during the last 4-6 weeks leading to the conference. Previous experience in logistics or events coordination is ideal. A working knowledge of virtual communication platforms is essential.

*1 of the positions will serve on the committee for 1 year and take the lead role; the other position will serve for 2 years (as an assistant in 2021/22 and lead in 2022/23; with a new assistant recruited on an annual basis). If you have a specific preference for lead/assistant role, please specify on your application form.

Competitions Officer

The BJCA Starter Committee currently runs two national prizes a year. The Essay competition will continue unchanged, the Case Report competition will now be managed by the main BJCA council. In its place, the Starter Committee is planning the introduction of a Cardiology QIP competition to start in 2022 which this role will be responsible for planning. Other tasks include designing/managing a timetable for entry submission/judging/prize presentation, conceiving an essay title, securing appropriate judging panels and organising publication avenues for prize winners. Weekly time commitment of approximately 1 hour, which can increment around times either side of a competition being launched. An ideal committee role for new BJCA Starter Committee members.

Training & Education Officer

The role involves the continuation of the annual BJCASC Trainee Survey to understand the views of pre-speciality trainees interested in cardiology – especially pertinent given the changes postgraduate medical training is currently undergoing with the introduction of ‘Shape of Training’ recommendations and IMT. Survey construction and dissemination dictates this role will be busiest at the turn of the year and again in September/October before publication and presentation of the survey report. Broadening the reach of the survey is an ongoing goal. Additional achievable projects are welcome and have previously included investigating the effects of amendments to ST3 selection criteria in 2020 following COVID-19 disruption and a webinar series. Collaboration with BJCA Council colleagues, including the online cardiac webinar series and, is expected. Experience in teaching and training is preferred.

Mentorship Officer

A new role, where the primary responsibility will be to oversee and implement the new BJCASC Mentorship Programme. Aimed at providing all trainees interested in pursuing a career in cardiology equal opportunities to clinical taster sessions, ST3 application advice, research/QI projects etc. The MO will be responsible for recruiting and maintaining a cohort of keen registrars and matching them with members who have expressed interest. The BJCA has demonstrated success in similar projects, with the Women in Cardiology initiative and the MO would be expected to collaborate with relevant BJCA Council members.

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