Job Title: British Cardiovascular Society and HRUK Fellowships
Description: The BCS-Heart Research UK clinical fellowship scheme offers the potential for clinical top-up training, allowing candidates across the NHS workforce to gain new clinical skills or experience in a global centre of excellence. The fellowship application process will be open to trainee and consultant cardiologists, cardiology nurse specialists, cath-lab staff, physiologists, scientists and other AHP groups (all applicants must be fully paid-up ordinary members or joint members of the BCS). • An individual clinical placement for up to 3 months to a global centre of excellence for a senior trainee or consultant cardiologist • Two awards; team placements for up to six members of each team (composition can be any NHS employees in the cardiovascular workforce) for one week to observe a specific pathway of care or specific procedure for which there are plans for adoption back in the UK host centre • An individual clinical placement for an AHP (eg nurse specialist, technologist, clinical scientist) for up to 1 month to a centre of excellence to learn new practical skills or pathways of care
Location: Open
Job Type: Clinical Fellowship
Application email/URL:
Closing Date: 01/11/2022